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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marguerita, Marguerita, Marguerita!

I SO love my Marguerita session at CandiSoo! It is so liberating to be able to just dance and move to those hot salsa and latino beats, just dance, dance, dance! And more importantly, at the end of that 1 hour, I'd have lost loads of calories and would be one step closer to moving like Shakira! Hehe, well, CandiSoo's Marguerita workout is not a dance lesson, it is a fitness regime like all the other programs, so it won't help you qualify for the National Ballroom Dancing Championship, but it lets you dance your heart out while effectively working your body, which is what I love.

As for my goal to lose kilograms, yes, I have lost kilograms, not much, but enough to make me feel happy with my effort. I have just 1 more acupuncture session to go, but after the last 9, and after 9 CandiSoo sessions, I have lost about 10cm at my waist, which has brought my bodysuit undergarment size down from XXL to XL/L, depending on the brand and cut, and I'll surely need to add 2 more notches on my belt. Fortunately my bra size/cup didn't change, phewh! Hehe, but I use the shortest hooks now with ease and comfort and without any embarrassing bulges.

Most importantly, I feel good! I eat better, I dress better, and I now have the energy to go thread my brows and powder my nose whenever I go out!

The acupuncture really helped to improve my eating habit. As advised by Dr Wang Rui, "Yes, you can eat, less fatty and oily foods of course, you can eat rice and have your dessert (I told her I LOVE dessert!). And you must eat during proper meals, so your dessert must come after a meal, not as a snack. If you want to snack, you can have fruits, but not too much banana." And that is what I've done. Of course, during khenduris and weekends, my meals are happily stretched to indulge my palette, but otherwise I am quite diligent with eating properly. I do make the effort to know my food, so that I know what I'm eating, what I should be eating, how I should be eating and that I'm maintaining a balanced diet, eg proteins, carbs, minerals, etc.; you can google this, all the info is out there for you. You can also google acupuncture, to understand how it really works.

One may think that it is expensive to do all these things. Well, they are not cheap, but they are not unreasonably expensive either. I did my acupuncture at Tung Shin Hospital in KL, and everyone knows that the hospital operates on a non-profit basis, so the charges are really very reasonable and fair. And I enrol to CandiSoo's fitness program during their promotion, so I get a very good deal. I'm not Paris Hilton, I don't have much to spend, so I spend accordingly. Handbags? Yes, I indulge, but I buy mine off season, when they're slashed down by 50-70% :); I need my handbags to keep me sane! Else, health and education are top priority for me and my family.

Some things in life you just need to do, so that your life is worth living. Exercising and eating right, these things you must do. My husband used to mock me when I nagged him about what he should and shouldn't eat, and about exercising more. Now, he thanks me for nagging.

Another thing that I prioritise is my facial skincare. There's not much I can do for all the stretch marks and excess skin I now have after 3 boys, except use moisturiser and good underware! But for my face, I am very particular; growing up, my parents were very particular about this, especially my father, he was the one who'd freak out if any of us had a breakout! Good professional facials are expensive and I cannot afford them, so I continually find ways to maintain a healthy complexion within the confines of my very petite budget. Maybe I'll talk about this next time la ha? No, I'm not vain enough to think I'm Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks that you'd itch to know my beauty secrets, hehe. It's just that I think it would be something nice to talk about :)

Till then, here's a pix of me, post acupuncture and fitness program, with my riding buddy, Yus, a fab mommy of 3 boys too...

~ Thanks Doc for the pix :) ~


  1. Yes, I can see you have lost inches Jules!!!Looking extra fab!
    Haih how I wish I could join you for all the dances and the acupunture. As for now I just have to run the stairs.

  2. hi wiz,
    cool, run the stairs! but do it right, eg. wear proper shoes. this is what i used to do, as what my sister recommended. carry on the fabulousity!