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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow... it has been a year since I've posted anything here...

It seems like only yesterday that I was helping Damascus with his scrapbook project. He has since celebrated his 9th birthday last 15 April 2014, and his younger brother Marrakesh had also completed his scrapbook project. But Marrakesh's was not the experience I had with Damascus. Marrakesh had wanted it simple, "I want to write a story, and I want to draw, I want it simple". Even after I had explained to him the concept of scrapbooking, that is "booking scrap", he insisted that he wanted it the way he wanted it. So be it. And it was all cool :)

And today is another Mother's Day. As I posted on my FB, being a mommy is not just about having been pregnant and given birth, it is about doing and feeling all those things that a mommy does. So, to all mommies, birth mothers, grandmas, aunties, ladies and gentlemen, you know who you are...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! We may not have guns like Rosie there, but I'm sure you all agree that we are surely among the toughest.

Being a mommy is also not just about being sweet and gentle and nice and loving and dedicated and a dependable cook, it is also about surviving all those heart wrenching heart breaks, kickboxing those fears that make you sick to the bone, and then rising time and again above and beyond, feeling like you have experienced the worst Judge Dredd task ever, but looking instead like you have had the finest day of your life, having gracefully danced the waltz of the Blue Danube. With that invisible cape, of course... and with never ending prayers... In syaa Allah :)

That, and then some...coz you would also then need to deal with the father of your children too, and that ladies and gentlemen, is another level of finesse altogether.

Indeed everyday should be mother's day, and perhaps everyone agrees it is, but today is the day when your brood actually has to acknowledge it! And they would, with lots of love and adoration for mommy. So appreciate it, and cherish the love... I love you my darling boys... Alhamdulillah... XOXOX :)