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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can I have an assistant who looks like Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Lautner?

Hmmmm... I'm sure if I mooted this to darling husband, he will simply say, "your money, your call." Cool eh? Ya, I'm lucky in that way, that my husband is not an insufferable green eyed monster.

But if it were him who were to pay for my assistant? I wonder how he'd respond...

Anyway, the question is, normally when husbands offer to provide personal assistants for their wives, they (the husbands) will normally assume that the gender of the assistant shall be female. Why? Is it because they (the husbands) don't think that men can do the job? That they (the male candidates) would just be like them (the husbands), laze on the sofa in their underware, be glued to the computer playing the latest Zuma or Bejewelled, scatter dirty clothes everywhere on the floor? That they (the male candidates) would only justify their worth by being the chauffer or the bodyguard? Why?

I mean, men are always boasting the fact that the best chefs of the world are men, the best chocolatiers are men, the best hoteliers are men, so why not take men to help us out with our domestic matters? And what better than well built, tall, healthy and strong young men, the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner, who would surely have no problem lugging the garbage out, picking up dirty clothes off the floor, clearing the ceiling off cobwebs and dust, mopping and scrubbing floors and preparing simple fun meals, right? And since they (the male candidates) are in top physical shape, they'd be good to go around doing other things too like chauffering, bodyguarding and running miscellaneous errands. Good value for money, don't you agree?

I'm sure if there were well built, tall, healthy and strong young female candidates, maybe the likes of Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson, who could perform all the above tasks for our husbands, they (the husbands) would be more than thrilled to employ their (the female candidates') services. Right? I'm confident they (husbands) also share our goal of making sure things run efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, do the best for the whole family. Yes?

My post today was supposed to be about my recent experimentation with Weight Loss Acupuncture and Candi Soo's Group Fitness Program. But the above thought suddenly came up instead.

I'm always telling my kids that mommy doesn't get annual leave, mommy doesn't get paid for picking up your dirty clothes and scrubbing the bathrooms and toilets; fyi, I no longer have part time maids who come weekly to do housework, coz the last one screwed me over! And mommy sells brownies, gifts and do all sorts of other projects so mommy can buy handbags, manage her personal upkeep, do charity, while at the same time help ayah bring you all for holidays, not to mention support your numerous classes and recreational activities, which are all essential for a well rounded growth. Mommy also has to work very hard to keep healthy and fit to be able to take care of everyone and everything at home. And after all this, on top of the never ending business competition and challenges, mommy doesn't get any performance review nor be entitled to any incremental rewards to make her feel good and appreciated.

So, wouldn't that justify mommy having an assistant like Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Lautner?

Hehe, ya ya, yes, I am well aware of all the boundaries that surround the sanctity of a marriage, a good home, the good wife and the good mommy, ya ya, I know, I know... Sigh.... Just once in a while I do enjoy the idea, don't you? :)

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  1. Well, when your three boys grow up, you will have three good-looking hunks to be your assistants (hopefully)...