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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mars Needs Moms

Damascus cried watching the movie, he said, "Acus tak naklah tengok cerita ni mommy, Acus rasa sedih,", curling up in my lap and hugging me. It was actually very moving, not the typically fun and loony kids' animation movie, all moms and children should watch it :) I cried because Damascus cried...

Anyway, my latest game plan is working well so far. All 3 boys are washing their own cups and plates as best as they can, and they now place greater value on their belongings, ie. cups, plate/bowl and cutlery. They're still messy of course, toys everywhere and dirty clothes outside the laundry basket, but they diligently bring their cups and plates to the kitchen after being excused from the dining table, and they will certainly wash their dishes; when their plates and cutlery get too greasy, mommy or ayah will help them surely :)

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