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Monday, November 22, 2010

Love You...

...before you love others...

This morning started very well for me. I had a good night's sleep after a super fab riding day with the Highlanders Gang in Janda Baik yesterday. I hadn't gotten much housecleaning done though, but, whatever! Hehe, if anyone complains then that anyone can clean my house! Ngeh ngeh...

For the first time, I started with CandiSoo's Group Fitness Program this morning. Yup, it was Gymstickin for me! Woohoo! Well, it was hell actually, I swear I died just now, after all the cardio moves and then we went on to toning, and I was lying on my back and they started moving the legs up and all over. Geez man, are you all mad!!! Well, anyhow, apparently I'm still alive...! Hehehe... Alhamdulillah, phewh! And I'm going again, surely :)

After a quick shower at the gym, I rushed off for acupuncture. Have I told you about this? Hmmm, I told you about my mom's sessions right? Not mine... Ok, well, the thing is, I've seen all these videos on YouTube about all those weight loss acupuncture programs. So, one day after one of my mom's sessions, I just asked her doctor if there was such thing as acupuncture for weight loss. She looked at me somewhat puzzled. Well, Dr Wang Rui is mainly Mandarin based, so I went on to say, "thin, not fat" (pointing my tummy and butt and shaking my head). Then she smiled...Aaah, yes, she understood that I am fat and I want to be thin...! Hehe... So she finally understood what I was talking about and her reply was, "yes, we can do it here." ......... (long pause of disbelief from me)........ then, "Yayyy!". Yes, I actually said that to Dr Wang; I also actually clapped my hands too. Oh, sungguh malu, this 40 year old woman, kesian kan? Hadoooiiii... Anyway, she asked me all the necessary questions about my health history, and gave me clearance and then I immediately started the next day! Yayyy! But, ouch, some of the needles do sting a bit, but, anything to be kurus, huh? :)

Okay, anyway, after my acupuncture session, I was happily on my way home, planning how I should start cleaning house and getting some stuff organised. Feeling good and refreshed, and thinking about how life does really start at 40, and how true it was, not just for men, but for women too, me specifically. Oh yes, I love my life! Alhamdulillah... Then I checked my phone to turn off the silent mode and I saw a missed call from my mom (FYI, my boys are in Klang with my mom these few days). So, the first thing I thought was my boys. But it wasn't the boys, they're fine, behaving very well with TokMama and TokAbah. It was about my eldest cousin.

He was admitted to ICU Gleneagles very early this morning, for acute pneumonia; there are also issues concerning his sugar and other stuff. This was the second time that I received such shocking news about Abang Zu. I was already at the traffic light near Polo Club, so I quickly detoured towards Gleneagles. My cousin-in-law and cousin nieces/nephews were there, just about to have hotdog lunches. So Kak Yam gave me the full rundown of what happened and brought me up to date about how Abang Zu's condition. I took a quick peek at him in the ICU and told him that he must start taking care of himself, seriously take care of himself. He was telling me how much he loves his family and that he'd be lost without them. Then I told him that he must first love himself before he can love others. He smiled, all teary eyed, agreeing with me and he promised to start taking better care of himself...

So, what I'm trying to say here is, love yourself, be good to yourself, be good to your body, be good to those around you and never take anything forgranted, especially those you love. Most often good people don't know how to be good to and for themselves. Don't be like this. Do good things to and for yourself. Love you, okay? :)

Jules and Pampa ~ Photo credit to Azha Bakar ~ thanks Che Ad :)

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  1. It's so refreshing to just read your entry about rewarding yourself Jules. The exercise, acupunture, riding will surely shape you into a hotter mama.

    So 2rgt for 2 rounds eh?