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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Style Icon

Audrey Hepburn. Who didn't love Audrey Hepburn. I became a hopeless after "Breakfast at Tiffany". Then there was "A Roman Holiday", of course. Even "The Nun's Story" caught my heart. And "Sabrina", oh, be still my heart... :)

She had style. The little black dress. That fashionably skinny figure. The oversized sunglasses. And my favourite, the strings of pearls. She was SO pretty! It's no wonder Givenchy wanted to dress her.

The thing about style is, it's inborn. You can't buy it from the department store, nor can you really get it from donning the latest Prada. You could borrow or copy, even beg or steal, but it wouldn't last, and people will know. Yes, you can keep up with fashion and the latest trends, but style is something that one is blessed to have been born with. And you don't need to spend any or mucho dinero for style.

These days, I have my walking "In Style" magazine to refer to when it comes to keeping in fashion. My darling niece, Medina. She's currently studying fashion marketing at a leading design college in the city. She'd tell me, "You can wear just about anything Wanchu, as long as it's in your size and you feel confident in it". And recently, I consulted her on what to wear to my friend's "40 & Fabulous Party"... :)

I used to have 4in heels, loads of matching accessories, and my watch would always colour coordinate with my outfit. But after the boys, I converted to Crocs wedges (which Medina strictly opposes to, just for the record) and no longer did I bother with accessories because they became utterly cumbersome when I was carrying or running after my boys. But handbags I still have. I must have. I always tell my boys, "Mommy's handbags are sacred!" These days, I am most comfortable with totes as they can fit all that I need - wet wipes, tissue paper, inhalers and kids' emergency meds.

I'm slowly getting back to clutches though, and practical hand held bowlers. I recently dug out all my Swatches that have been hibernating in my storage box next to my bed for so long; must get new batteries and get them to work again. I've also regrouped all my pearls and crystals, and have started re-wearing them to all my child-free dates with darling husband. Yes, it takes effort to be in fashion, especially when you're past 40, and you're not Audrey Hepburn. But it's an effort very worth your while.

And that handbag up there, I found it during Raya, at the Ekspo Ramadhan in Selama, Perak, darling husband's kampung. For RM20.00, it is indeed my best and most stylish buy this year :)

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