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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Boys Growing Up...

I've been helping Damascus with his Scrapbook Project during the recent school holidays, and their ayah and I came upon some old photos of our 3 boys, and I just couldn't help falling in love all over again... :)

Philippines ~ Manila, 2007 ...Marrakesh was still on his bottle and in diapers, and we traveled with 2 strollers! Esfahan was the big boy :)

Singapore, 2008 ...Marrakesh was still in diapers but almost off his bottle, and we still traveled with a stroller; both Esfahan and Damascus were big boys :)

Bali, 2009 more diapers, bottle and stroller, but Marrakesh hadn't quite achieved big boy status yet :)

Then we went local for our enrichment trips, mainly due to boys' "unfavourable" behaviour, as well as time and budget constraints.

Our most recent foreign enrichment trip was to the awe inspiring Nepal... :)

Nepal, 2012 ...this has been the most fulfilling family enrichment trip thus far, coz all 3 boys were able to read the guide book and maps, and they were able to grasp the whole gist of the trip. They even caught on the Nepali language! All 3 are big boys now :)

For 2013, mommy is still researching destinations and calculating the possible expenses. All 3 boys want Japan, but we will see how things go, InsyaAllah... :)

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