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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quality Time... what every family must have with and for each other. My family is not perfect and I must admit that it takes a lot of effort not to let ourselves fall too deep into the abyss of the tech world. No doubt we need to be tech progressive, but the basic natural life and quality time is always most meaningful and enriching.

I realise that my posts lately dwell on time with our loved ones, our children especially. Well, as I see the many things happening around me daily, the ones that affect me most are issues relating children, and the saddest is when children get "lost" with very low chances of finding their way back.

So, anyway, I've always told myself that 40 will be my turning point towards a new life. A life where I can start focusing on myself and develop JulesMD. But 40 came and my boys' lives also started flourishing. I once thought that we could flourish together parallelly, but it has been quite obvious to me thus far that for my boys to flourish optimally, my own agenda has to decelerate somewhat. No, I'm not complaining, it's just been a rather surprising awakening. Sometimes I envy women with jolting careers who are now being driven in their BMWs and have their Furlas personally delivered to them, looking sharp in their tailored Armani or Raoul, while I most times leave the house looking like the hired help! Sometimes, especially at red lights, I think people turn to me and say, "Waa, these days maids also can drive aaa?" :)

Then I think of the times when I am able to nurse my parents or loved ones at the hospital, drive and accompany my folks for their routine checkups, hold and comfort my kids any moment they're unwell or insecure, I think that, okay, there's a good reason why I am a SAHM. When an emergency arises and I am able to rush to the sight conveniently and prove myself worthy of being, then I am again assured of my significance in this world. And I thrive on the fact that I can always be there for my boys to remind them that there's more to this world than school, piano, mengaji, kidsports, MPH, TGV and Nick Jr., there is life itself.

And how precious life is. We mustn't take anything forgranted. We must optimise every little bit of time we have with our loved ones. Make it quality time. It's effort worth making...

At El Campo Equestrian...
...thanks Che Ad for this lovely shot :)

At the recent Il Volo Showcase...letting the talent flow... Piero~Esfahan, Gianluca~Damascus, Ignazio~Marrakesh... :) pix to Universal Music

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